The cops are looking for him, and now a Philadelphia Magazine writer may have actually tracked down the man who's been exposing himself in front of "a number" of Philadelphia women and asking them to jerk him off with a slice of swiss cheese.

According to reports, the overweight cheese aficionado likes to drive up next to women in parking lots, show them his genitals, and then offer them money to masturbate him with a slice of swiss. Other Philadelphia women have reported receiving similar messages from him on dating sites like OKCupid.

Now one Philadelphia Magazine reporter thinks he's tracked down the 41-year-old man responsible. He says he was tipped off to the man's Facebook page, which an OKCupid user confirmed matched the photo of the man who emailed her a swiss cheese proposal. The reporter then apparently went to the man's house himself and confronted him in person, where the man denied being involved and dismantled his Facebook shortly afterwards.

It's not clear where the police are in all of this; according to the Guardian Liberty Voice, Philadelphia's Special Victims Unit is investigating. It's also not clear whether or not the Philadelphia Magazine reporter is in contact with authorities.

[image via Twitter]