With "YouTube pranksters" being a dime a googol these days, the pressure is on to make increasingly extreme and irresponsible pranks.

We've seen pranksters stealing stuff, chasing after people with a chainsaw, and pretending to be victims of a suicide by hanging.

But every poorly conceived prank has been a tasteless amuse-bouche leading up to the reckless entrée served up this week by Josh Paler Lin: The "Getting Stabbed in Public" Prank.

The gag does what it says on the tin: A man standing in public gets threatened by another man with a knife, and subsequently stabbed. He is ignored by some, helped by others, and avenged by one.

Eventually the police get involved as well, as is their wont when someone gets stabbed in public.

This time no one got shot, but Lin is already on Twitter promising "another crazy one coming up."

"Are pranks not supposed to be funny?" asks a viewer on YouTube. Good one.