In Washington today, the leaders of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps told Congress that it’s time for all American women to register for the draft. Must we begin to fret?

Currently, only American men are required by law to register for the possibility of a military draft, the thing that helped us win the Vietnam War. But because of the fact that social progress in gender equity has finally trickled all the way up to U.S. military combat troops, military leaders are now encouraging Congress to require “every American who’s physically qualified” to register for the draft. Since women are now able to serve in combat roles, they say, it is only fair that they also put their names in in case we need to have another World War, the likelihood of which has certainly been reduced by advances in military technology but which probably depends even more on who wins the next presidential election.

Superficially, this request may cause feminists to feel conflicted. Register as an official (possible) member of the imperialist American war machine, or risk not supporting equal rights for women? What to do???

Fortunately, this is a false choice. All American women can now full embrace the same right enjoyed by American men: to register with the Selective Service as a conscientious objector. When the draft rolls around for President Cruz’s Middle Eastern War of Supremacy, you go before the board and honestly explain your philosophical objection to being asked to kill people you don’t know as part of insane wars of imperialism. Then you go teach poor kids for a while or something. While doing so, enjoy the warm sense of righteousness that comes with civic participation.

If that doesn’t work we can go back to burning draft cards. No big deal.

[Photo of male draftees participating in America’s rich history of public debate: AP]