There was, incredibly enough, a time when Jeb Bush was so awash in love (cash) from donors that he asked them to refrain from giving more than $1 million at a time. They listened.

As Mother Jones points out, Jeb! Super PAC Right to Rise reported $103 million in donations last July. At the time, he was doing so well that his campaign, worried it might make him look too elitist, asked fundraisers to cap donations at $1 million.

But summer turned cold, and so too did Jeb’s supporters. Right to Rise pulled in only $15.1 million this quarter, most of it from a single—foolish—donor:

In July, when the super-PAC’s first-half numbers were released, we counted at least 23 donors who gave $1 million or more to Right to Rise. This time, there was just one donor who gave more than $500,000—former AIG chairman and CEO, Hank Greenberg, who donated a whopping $10 million. And where during the first half of the year Right to Rise had 9,400 donors, it reported just 155 contributors in its latest disclosure.

Even so, Jeb did gain at least one thing this quarter: His mother’s acknowledgement.

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