What this nation needs is a pair of overcompensated white male centrists who will bring us more horse race-style political journalism.

Gone are the days when John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, a pair of writers that are the very embodiment of soulless politics-as-sports journalism, had to have their voices confined to the unheard ghettos of New York magazine and ABC News and bestselling books which used abundant unimportant detail to lend a false sense of drama to political campaign narratives. Now, they have their own TV show, at Bloomberg. Above you see the trailer for it. These two knowledgeable white male centrists for whom politics is merely another form of entertainment are at the ballgame—talkin' politics. John Heilemann and Mark Halperin both make seven-figure salaries but are just regular guys at the ballgame, deep down, talkin' some bullshit.

Some of you may remember a time during the dark days of the Bush administration when Jon Stewart embarrassed the political hacks on Crossfire and TV political talk shows had a brief crisis of conscience and we all got the warm, temporary feeling that maybe things were, at long last, going to change in the political media. That politics might stop being covered as just another game and start being covered as a meaningful clash of philosophies that affect the lives of billions of people.

No such luck.