You thought it was hard babysitting Justin Bieber before, back when he was putting your hand in warm water when you fell asleep on the couch and ditching his monkeys in foreign prisons full of blondes—well, just you try babysitting Justin Bieber now, now that he lives in SPACE, address 1 Milky Way Place.

According to Richard Branson, the Knight behind space-tourism company Virgin Galactic (he previously gifted Kate Winslet a ticket TO SPACE after she saved his mother from his burning home), Bieber and manager Scooter Braun are confirmed on the Virgin Galactic manifest. Earlier today Branson tweeted the following:

Tickets on the Virgin Galactic suborbital flight reportedly start at about $250,000, or roughly one medium-nice Ferrari. The company completed its first rocket-powered flight last month and will beging launching commercial flights next year.

Lance Bass, who already moved to Space, like, a while ago, and lives on the tiny asteroid B-612, has been bugging Justin Bieber to come over as soon as he gets in for a "little jam sesh—Space Jam sesh ha ha—nothing crazy, just super chill and relaxed with some bros I think you'd really like." Bieber's exact departure date is still unknown, which allows him to keep things vague re: jam seshes.

[Via TMZ, image from Getty]