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Justin Timberlake appeared on last night's season premiere of Oprah Presents Master Class. By asking celebrities to discuss their success and the reasons for it in what amounts to a 40+ minute monologue, the show is basically a setup for failure or at least rambling self-indulgence. The brags, be they of the humble variety or original recipe, abound.

Still, "When you look at me, you should understand that I am America" is a particularly ridiculous claim, even for this show, and yet there Justin Timberlake is above, saying it and supporting his argument by running down his diverse musical taste. You know what? I am America too. I liked Nirvana at 14, Missy and Timbaland, D'Angelo, a Tribe Called Quest, the Beatles, and the Stones, too. There's a lot of us Americas in America, and the rest of the world for that matter.

I am, however, not Justin Timberlake, because I cannot make the claim, "I never saw Michael Jackson perform live until I was onstage with him."

That is a really good humblebrag, though. There's a reason why Timberlake is where he is.