Kanye "Little Mac" West has finally unveiled the official "Black Skinhead" on his website. Aside from a few added transitions of CGI dobermans snarling and some removed CG-eyes that peered out of the periphery, it is the exact same video that leaked earlier this month. That leak prompted a string of tweets from the now-Twitter terse West, who moaned, "Me and Nick Knight have been working on this video for 5 months and for creatives it's heartbreaking when something like this happens."

But it's the same. Same Sims-y Kanye hopping around, looking way too self-assured for his sub-straight-to-video-Pixar-rip-off rendering. Same expanding CGI Kanye dick. Same pixelated monster Kanye that looks like The Howling poster. (See above.)

One thing that is different is its presentation: The official "Black Skinhead" video is "interactive" in that you can...do things...with it. Things like taking screenshots of it with the click of a button and slowing it down. We've had this technology for years. Everything is interactive. But whatever. Basically, this video is The Lawnmower Man for a chopped-and-screwed world. On Kanye's site, it's preceded by this press release:

DONDA Presents New Interactive Video for Kanye West's "Blkkk Skkkn Head"

New York, NY - July 22, 2013 - DONDA - the creative house founded by Kanye West - has teamed with renowned photographer and director Nick Knight on the highly anticipated, official video for BLKKK SKKKN HEAD, from West's acclaimed YEEZUS album.

The video - which makes its debut on kanyewest.com - features an online interactive experience that allows users to adjust the motion speed and corresponding sound. In addition users can capture or "photograph" still images of the video's compelling imagery.

Image captures can be synched and shared across all online and mobile social platforms for a unique secondary experience of the traditional music video.

Nick Knight has teamed with Kanye West on much of the imagery surrounding the YEEZUS project, including the groundbreaking NEW SLAVES video, which has been experienced by millions across the globe via guerilla outdoor projections and online viral captures.

West and Knight are also developing a technology that will allow the capture and animation of multiple frames, which will then loop infinitely. Their working name for this type of file is "gif" and will make for an even more unique secondary experience of the traditional music video. In the meantime, watch "Black Skinhead" (or however you want to spell it) and take "photographs" that will last you a lifetime. In several years' time, you'll still be looking back, saying, "And that's when CGI Kanye's chest became inexplicably pneumatic. And that's when CGI Kanye fell on his side and kept dancing. And that's when CGI Kanye swung his giant penis in my face..." Cherished memories.