Since Kim Kardashian posed completely naked for Paper this month, people have had questions for her. One interviewer on the Australian radio station 92.9 wants to know: would Kim let her daughter North (who is a baby) pose nude in 20 years?

Kim responded coolly:

I would support anything she wants to do. I don't do anything with the intention to promote anyone else doing it—that's not even what I'm trying to do. I do it because I'm proud of it. And it empowered me to feel good about myself after I had gained 500 pounds and looked like a huge slob for so long.

Which is a pretty good answer to a definitely shady question.

When Kim isn't spending time doing dumb interviews, it appears she is teaching North to walk:

And mug for the paparazzi.

IDK, Kim seems like a good mom to me.

[Photo via Instagram]