GOP Rep. Vance McAllister, the married, "family values" guy caught on tape in April making out with his staffer, announced today that he will run for re-election. McAllister once had the coveted Duck Dynasty endorsement, but now one of the DD guys is running against him for the GOP nomination in Louisiana's 5th district.

In April, McAllister said he wouldn't run again, after basically everyone in the Republican party suggested he resign. After "thought and prayer," he's changed his mind. As for his kissing affair, McAllister says, "That's something that me and [my wife] Kelly had to deal with. We're fine. That's just not something I'm going to talk about in the future. That's in the past. I've made my apologies." His sentiment is underlined by a new promo photo of him palming Kelly's behind:

Zach Dasher, nephew of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, is not necessarily a better candidate for office. He has said explicitly that our rights come from god.

McAllister still has a Duck Dynasty endorsement video on his campaign website.

[Images via AP]