The Hills' old resident bad gal Kristin Cavallari married Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler last year. Given this arrangement, she now gets shit on Twitter every time Cutler performs poorly on the field. But Kristin is particularly offended when women—especially mothers—harass her.

After the Bears came back to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Kristin tweeted this:

Classic K-Cav sass! We love it. But of course, as anyone who spent years stirring up shit on reality TV knows, the tweet only emboldened her haters.

Kris responded to the new wave of trolls by calling out MOTHERS who refuse to conform to gender norms and just be CLASSY, god.

Kristin even called out the bio of one of her female haters, but then thought better of it and deleted the tweet.

She attempted to explain why she's so put off by shit-talking women, specifically, but the reason for her bias remains unclear.

Maybe it's because Kristin herself has been shit-talking other women professionally since high school.

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