Kreayshawn, the beef-starting, ex-pimp, one hit wonder is pregnant. And judging by her blog post announcing it, the 23-year-old rapper thinks pregnancy is about as "basic bitch" as sporting garments manufactured by Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, or Prada.

Amid the flashing gifs on her Tumblr, modeled to look like a MySpace account—just wait 'til Buzzfeed graduates to aughties nostalgia—Kreayshawn explains the negative impact pregnancy can have on a midriff-baring young woman's recreational activities:

Yeah, I’m pregnant! It sucks. If your not pregnant don’t get pregnant for a while because there’s all these symptoms that make you feel weird and hurt and are uncomfortable and 9 months is really really long especially towards the end. You have to pack away all your slutty crop tops and high waisted shorts. Your stressed all the time and in pain and bored on top of that because, at the end of the day if your friends cant smoke with you or even around you they will find something better to do. And when you do ge to go out with some friends your feet and back usually hurt within an hour. Hopefully I will be doing the post in a few months saying how it was all worth it but, I am sure I will be dead from lack of sleep and breastfeeding and changing poopie diapers that I won’t have time to post that. So holla.

Moving your high waisted shorts to the back of the closet is easily a more convincing argument for safe sex than any subway poster or cautionary teen mom porn.

[H/t @joecoscarelli]

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