On Sept. 23, 63-year-old Gail Simpson was arrested for robbing a Wells Fargo branch in southwest Miami. But that Simpson is a prolific elderly bank robber—she's currently on probation stemming from a June conviction for felony attempted armed robbery—is not the most interesting thing about her. No, it's that she appears to be the mother of legendary rapper Big Pun.

That bit of information has hit rap gossip blogs today, with MediaTakeOut reporting it first in a "MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE CONFIRMED EXCLUSIVE". But the blog Necole Bitchie did a bit more digging on the connection between Simpson and Big Pun's mother after receiving a tip that the two are the same person, pulling up a result from a background check website that links the names "Gail Simpson" and "Gail Tirado" (Pun's mom's known surname):

The unfortunate subtext of this story is that if Gail Simpson is indeed the alias of Pun's mother, she appears to have robbed banks twice this year because her family has squandered what was left of the deceased rapper's estate. (Fat Joe, rapper and close friend of Pun's, has been embroiled in a number of litigations with Pun's family over royalties.)

Let us remember Pun in better times.

[image via WPLG]