On Thursday night, three people came one giant leap closer to making their dream of dying alongside Leonardo DiCaprio a reality, when they paid a combined $3.8 million to travel with him into space on a Virgin Galactic voyage.

Given the option, most people would probably prefer to die with Leonardo DiCaprio than without him, because why not? Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to know that your sweaty face was the last thing Leonardo DiCaprio saw before the spark of life faded from his eyes? Maybe, just before he expired, he would tell you some juicy bit of celebrity gossip like “Toby Maguire and Cameron Diaz hate one another, but don’t tell anyone.” If you absolutely have to die, doing it alongside Leonardo DiCaprio is not a bad way to go.

The money, benefitting the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS Charity, was raised in Cannes at an auction emcee’d by Sharon Stone, who is herself an alien. People reports that Stone called Leonardo DiCaprio “the Greater Gatsby,” when thanking him for donating his time, which is just wonderful. What’s Eating Gilbert Great. Greats of New York. Catch Me If You’re Great.

Seats on Virgin Galactic flights normally sell for $200,000 but, then, Leonardo DiCaprio, the man you want strapped in next to you during a space crisis, isn’t usually included. The trips, set to kick off this Christmas, will last for about 2.5 hours, though only about 6 minutes of that time will actually be spent in the weightless environment of space.

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