Les and his wife: AP

If you wanted to find one single real-life human who embodies the concept of “Overpaid Zillionaire CEO Rich White Guy Con Artist,” you could do no better than CBS chief Les Moonves. Take a bow, Les, you fuck.

For years now, Les Moonves has been among the highest-paid CEOs in America, even when his company was doing poorly. One would think that sooner or later either Les or his slavish corporate board members would get tired of this embarrassingly corrupt routine, but apparently tens of millions of undeserved dollars per year is enough to make up for a needling blog post once a year.

I, too, am astounded.

Today, the Wall Street Journal released its analysis of CEO pay at America’s largest companies in 2015. The highest-paid CEO of all was Expedia’s Dara Khosrowshahi, who earned a $94.6 million payday on the strength of stock options that will vest over four years. And who was the second highest paid CEO in all the land? Would you like me to tell you? Sure, it was ya boy... Les Moonves!

Les Moonves 2015 compensation: $56.8 million
CBS stock price change in 2015: -13.8%
Average performance of S&P 500 media companies last year: -3.8%

No price is too high to pay this stock photo-looking motherfucker to do an objectively poor job running his bad TV network, again.

We should all disrespect this rich, rich man.