Following the rules for the entirety of your lifetime can get tiring. But if there’s anywhere on Earth where you should definitely swallow your pride and just follow the rules it’s a tourist park where lions roam free. If not, one might leap through your car window and murder you.

This past weekend, an American tourist was mauled to death in her car at Lion Park in Johannesburg, reported eNCA in South Africa. Lion Park, according to its website, allows its visitors to “view a wide range of African wildlife species from the comfort of your car,” which sounds nice until one jumps into your car and kills you.

In order to prevent this, Lion Park forbids its visitors from driving through the enclosure with windows open, a sensible rule in which the logic can be easily understood. And yet (via Guardian):

“There was a car driving to the lion camp and the lion did come through the window and bite the lady,” Scott Simpson, operations manager of the privately run venue, the Lion Park, told Talk Radio 702 on Monday. “The ambulance arrived quite soon but the lady had passed away.”

The woman and another American tourist had been travelling through the park, north-east of the South African city, with their car windows open. The second tourist sustained injuries while trying to free the woman, the radio station reported.

On the other hand, at least one lion has opened a car door with its mouth, so maybe the solution—as millions of humans have practiced across world history—is to stop driving near lions altogether.

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