Local news has been speaking "truth to power" since the invention of towns, and there's no better example of why we need regional newscasters than today's LaGuardia plane accident. It's unclear if a fictional villain from the Mario franchise is responsible, but watchdogs at Atlanta's CBS 46 are on it.

Whenever a semi filled with bees flips over, a school explodes, or some dumbass falls into a burning fireworks factory, local rubberneckers immediately upload photos to Twitter. Then, triggered by infinitesimal vibrations in the air, local news station staffers swarm this onlooker and/or victim to request permission to use their blurry image, which then gets used regardless. Local Twitter guy @Leyawn decided to test just how credulous these people are. Would a guy who claims to have been on the crashed plane by using someone else's photo from the scene with a superimposed Nintendo character be taken seriously? It's worth a shot:

The answer is yes! Nice. I guess this is what happens when all of the staff photographers have been laid off.