If there’s one thing Microsoft’s new web toy “How Old Do I Look?” is good for, it’s exploiting our collective narcissism to build a robust facial recognition database. But if it’s good for a second thing, it’d have to be answering the open question of how old alleged celebrity teenager Lorde really is.

The Lorde Age Truther movement first emerged more than a year ago, pointing to evidence like the time Lorde accidentally said “when I was a teenager” and then corrected herself, a lyric about being “kinda older,” and photographs of Lorde’s face. It’s since been joked about on South Park and by Lorde herself. The Hairpin even obtained a printout of Lorde’s New Zealand birth certificate, showing she was 17, but such things can be easily forged.

But amateur Lorde researchers have always lacked a smoking gun, some kind of scientific proof that Lorde is a middle-aged woman claiming to be a teenager. We ran a variety of Lorde photos, with and without makeup, through “How Old Do I Look?” to see if Microsoft would give it to them:

Conclusion: Sorry, truthers. Lorde could be in her 30s at the oldest, but is mostly likely a teen in adult makeup.

[Photos: Getty Images, Lorde/Instagram]