A judge ruled this week that making a 66-year-old man buy really expensive alcohol to get inside a night club is a totally legal thing to do.

Attorney and resident old guy in the club Roy Den Hollander sued New York nightclub Amnesia after bouncers refused to let him enter without paying for a $350 bottle of vodka. Hollander claimed the club was not only cock blocking him, but also discriminating against his gender (male) and age (old).

"They all pull the same thing: 'These guys got gray hair, let's charge them some money,'" Hollander told the Daily News. "They're doing the same thing they did in the Deep South back in the 1950s. Having to buy a $350 bottle of watered down vodka – that's the 'sitting in the back of the bus' for us!"

Hollander has sued bars across New York City for gender-based discrimination claiming that events like "Ladies Night" are illegal. None of his suits have been successful. And for all his agist claims, Hollander did not appear to want to make his birthdate public.

"If I'm hitting on some young girl at the club – and I won't be hitting on an older one because they don't look as good – if she knows how old I am I'm not going to be able to exploit her infinite capacity to delude herself into thinking I'm younger," Hollander said.

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