In the movie First Kid (1996), President Paul Davenport's son Luke is known as a brat who rebels against his protection detail. That is, until Secret Service agent Sam Simms (Sinbad) befriends him by teaching him how to be cool. This weekend, Malia Obama went to Lollapalooza.

Now, it's impossible to say if Malia—the Obamas' oldest daughter, now 16—is the White House's out of control teen, though she has gone as far as to violate Tumblr's Terms of Service. But what we do know is that this weekend she went to Lollapalooza and had an extremely cool and authentic life experience with her Secret Service detail, as documented by teens on Twitter and some other eye witnesses.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Secret Service provided a radiating halo for Malia and her friends.

Despite blending quietly into an oblivious crowd, she was flanked by two huge guards, apparently Secret Service agents in plains clothes, who made sure she and her friends – two girls and a boy – had plenty of space to make their exit.

Later after watching Chicago's own Chance the Rapper, the jolly crew returned home just like real people.

The crowd on Columbus was light as she walked well after the bulk of the crowd has gone at about 10:15 p.m.. Malia was wearing a yellow v-neck romper, but more importantly, she and her guards had managed to stage clean in Lolla's messy, muddy fields.

She turned right on Balbo into a thick crowd and melted right in – no one the wiser that the eldest Obama daughter was in their midst.

Malia Obama and her Secret Service friends will always remember the summer of 2014.

[via New York, image via @cleaaaaver]