A New York architect has filed a lawsuit against an Ivy League journal editor alleging she wrote increasingly libelous blog posts about his sex life and anatomy after the two stopped seeing each other. [Some of the associated images, below, are NSFW]

John Wender of Bartolone Wender Architects claims in his suit that he met Louise Silberling, editor of Cornell's Philosophical Review, online back in March of 2011, and the two went on three dates total before calling it off.

Silberling then unleashed a Facebook rant calling Wender a "sociopath" and a "player," and claimed he cheated on her during their brief time together.

Silberling's lawyer Scott Miller admits that his client attacked Wender on Facebook, but Wender insists Silberling took her slander on the road, launching at least three blogs — Truth About John Wender, John Wender Liar, and John Wender Architect — in which she would regularly accuse him of having unorthodox sexual preferences such as BDSM, "rape play," "daddy/daughter scenarios," "strap-on-play" and "auto-erotic asphyxia."

One blog post attributed by Wender to Silberling claims the 53-year-old has a "micropenis," and an "STD infested" one at that.

In another post, Silberling allegedly suggests Wender, a divorced dad, abuses his ex-wife and cheats on her.

In yet another post, Wender alleges that Silberling calls his ex-wife a "witch" and his disabled 13-year-old son a "retard" and "ugly."

Asked about these claims, Silberling told the New York Post, "Hmmmmm."

"Any allegations against me would be bogus," she elaborated to the Daily News.

Wender, who is seeking $1.25 million in damages for "irreparable harm," also spoke with the Daily News.

"We only went on three dates," he told the paper. "It’s affected my life, it’s affected my kids’ lives. She’s insane."

[H/T: Daily Intelligence, screengrabs via John Wender Architect, Truth About John Wender]