For snake dealer Mark Haas, the plan was simple: he'd bring the long ones and the other guy would bring the big ones—12,600 simoleons, to be exact. But until this week, all Haas got was a Beretta slug and a bad taste in his mouth.

On Thursday, Rasheem Dowdy finally took the rap for attempted murder and robbery over the 2012 snake deal gone sour. From the Associated Press:

Ridley Township police said Dowdy arranged to buy $12,600 worth of snakes but then robbed the breeder in the Woodlyn Shopping Center parking lot in January 2012. The robber shot the dealer and fled in his SUV but crashed it in nearby Folsom.

Dowdy has yet to be sentenced, but I'll bet a dollar to a Canadian dime the punk isn't swiping serpents anytime soon.

[Image via Shutterstock]