A 54-year-old man died yesterday after crashing his car into an long-abandoned home in St. Charles, Michigan. Responders arrived to the scene quickly, but their efforts were deterred by an angry swarm of bees that had apparently been living in the house.

Said Saginaw County Sheriff Lieutenant Randy Pfau:

The house, we're being told, has not been occupied for many years. There were just large swarms of bees within the home. It was so infested, they couldn't get to him.

A beekeeper was called in for assistance, and rescuers pulled the car away from the house with a tow strap, but it was later determined the man had died at the scene, MILive.com reports. Pfau said he believed the crash was related to a medical emergency. It's unclear whether the bees played a role in the man's death.

[Image via nulinukas/Shutterstock]