A man says he was handcuffed and detained by police for more than an hour after he gave $0.75 to a homeless man.

Greg Snider told KPRC in Houston that bizarre ordeal started when he pulled into a parking lot in downtown Houston to take a business call. There, a homeless man approached him. "He said, 'Hey my name is Dave. I'm from Dallas. I'm down on my luck. Do you have any change?'" Snider said.

That's when things took a turn for the worse, according to Snider. Minutes later, Snider pulled onto the highway and was immediately pulled over by a Houston police officer.

"He's screaming. He's yelling. He's telling me to get out of the car. He's telling me to put my hands on the hood," said Snider.

The officer pulled Snider from his car and placed in back of the squad car. Handcuffed, Snider said he watched in shock as ten more police cars pulled up.

"We saw you downtown, we saw what you did," the police told him. When Snider pointed out that he'd given a homeless man $0.75, the police accused him of lying, saying he'd given the man drugs instead.

Drug sniffing K-9 dogs were called to the scene and officers searched Snider's car. An hour later, after finding no sign of drugs, the officers, who were by now laughing, let Snider go.

"He said everything was a misunderstanding and that I was free to go," said Snider.

Snider has filed a complaint with the police department.