It’s often said that you can’t pick your family, and the 2015 corollary is “and you can’t pick the insane bullshit they post on Facebook.” Like your idiot cousin’s receipt for $71 from Joe’s Crab Shack with the hilarious joke “find sour cream” scrawled in the tip line.

That is unfortunately not a hypothetical example. Last week, Oklahoma City resident Dustin Clark caught his cousin Jon bragging that he and his wife had stiffed a waitress because the restaurant was out of their favorite condiment. This was apparently such a proud achievement that it warranted posting a photo of the receipt.

When Dustin confronted Jon to ask why he had acted like such a dick, he found out there was a perfectly reasonable explanation. Just kidding! It was, “They had sour cream last time we ate there.”

Nice, nice. By the way, Oklahoma is a tipped minimum wage state, so their server was being paid $2.13 an hour to put up with their shit.

Dustin decided to teach his cousin a lesson with a good-old fashioned public shaming, posting the receipt on the Joe’s Crab Shack Facebook page and apologizing to the waitress for his family’s disgraceful behavior. He announced he would stop by the restaurant to leave her the appropriate tip, plus a little extra for her trouble, and encouraged anyone reading to do the same.

In a later comment, he reported he’d followed through:

Just left joes crabshack and got to meet Samantha (the waitress) and was able to give her a nice card and her $20 well deserved tip. And she seemed like the nicest person in the world, like one of those super nice waitresses that are nice,bubbly and energetic and makes sure everything is perfect, idk how anyone could have been so rude to her. She remembered her interaction with the rude people , and was very thankful and appreciative of the tip that we gave her. Since it was dinner rush and she had a few tables we didn’t stay very long. I think we made her day.

The story has since made the local news and gone viral in OKC, so the couple of shitty tippers can be considered duly shamed.

[h/t Opposing Views]