A West Virginia man faces two counts of murder for killing a pair of men from a distance with a rifle after he wrongly assumed they were on his land. The victims, it turns out, were his new neighbors, checking out their property for the first time.

Rodney Bruce Black, 62, was arrested in his home in Barboursville Sunday after shooting Garrick Hopkins, 60, his brother Carl Hopkins Jr., 61, according to WSAZ-TV:

Deputies say he admitted to shooting the two men because he thought they were trespassing on his property.

Sheriff McComas says the land actually belonged to Garrick Hopkins. He had just purchased it and was showing his brother where he and his family were planning to build their new home in the coming weeks...

Investigators said [Black] told dispatchers the two men were breaking into his shed, but sheriff's officials said the shed wasn't his.

"These two men had every legal right to be where they were," said McComas.

After arresting the crack-shot Black, "deputies seized many weapons and ammunition" from his house.

[Photo credit: Darren Whittingham/Shutterstock]