Ready to hear a familiar story?

Matthew Apperson, the man on trial for shooting at George Zimmerman (the man who got acquitted for shooting Trayvon Martin), will argue he acted in self-defense by standing his ground against George Zimmerman (the man who argued he acted in self-defense, essentially by standing his ground against Trayvon Martin.)

According to the AP, Apperson plans to request a Stand Your Ground hearing before his trial begins—a step Zimmerman skipped during his 2012 murder trial.

Such a defense would entitle Matthew Apperson to a hearing, ahead of his trial, during which a judge would decide if he deserves immunity from prosecution because he feared imminent death or bodily injury. Apperson was charged earlier this month with aggravated assault and battery for firing a gun into Zimmerman’s car during a traffic run-in. Zimmerman had minor injuries.

Zimmerman wasn’t hit by Apperson’s bullet, but did get cut by glass from the pickup truck’s shattered window. Still, he’s also dealing with must be a deeply painful agony: waking up every morning and still being George Zimmerman.

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