According to Marco Rubio on Marco Rubio’s website,, Marco Rubio absolutely crushed it at last night’s GOP debate, or as Marco Rubio has decided to call it, “Marco’s Moment.”

Marco Rubio’s analysis of Marco Rubio’s big night:

Marco did it again. He cleaned up at another debate last night with his crisp, on point, conservative answers.

Yes, Marco Rubio cleaned up with such insightful retorts as:

  • “America is not a planet.”
  • “The only people who follow laws are law-abiding people.”
  • “Forty-percent of the people who come here illegally come here illegally.”
  • “I believe we [the Senate] have zero responsibility.”
  • “I stopped voting in the Senate because they weren’t doing anything.”

And last but not least.

Crisp, on point, conservative answers.

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