This morning, actress and dancing star Mischa Barton posted on Instagram a photograph of herself aboard a yacht, holding in one hand a glass of rosé. In the other, she holds a mirror, to the world.

But first, let’s set the mood:

Is it playing? Good.

“I’m truly heart broken to watch videos like the #altonsterling execution,” Barton writes. “This may have been going on forever in the United States but thank god the pigs get caught on camera now.”

Sure, it’s a little ridiculous to imagine Marissa Cooper saying this in the Madonna-esque British accent she’s picked up doing god knows what in London since the The OC ended, and yet.. she’s not wrong. Good on the white lady on the yacht pouring her pink wine out.

She continues: “Its unthinkable and an embarrassment to America. The country I was brought up in. Somebody make change. We need gun control and unity. And a real President so think about that when this election is around the corner. The world is a precarious place right now.#stop #reflect and #act appropriately.”

A take no one asked for, but a take nonetheless.