Two teens on a romantic night out decided to class up their visit to a local McDonald's with a tablecloth, some dinnerware, a pair of wine glasses, a few fake candles, and a handmade straw centerpiece.

"Cheers to my beautiful boyfriend on our special night. Love you Adam," tweeted Cameron Ford to his partner in posh, Adam Welland.

Their elegant evening was rudely interrupted, however, when staff members at the chain's Kingston, London, branch took exception to the gentlemen's cultured eating habits and asked them to leave.

A friend who accompanied Adam and Cameron said he was banned from the restaurant, but the distinguished diners themselves were eventually allowed to stay after customers and other, less plugged-up employees "overruled" the threat of expulsion.

A McDonald's spokesperson later issued a statement saying the boys were asked to leave because they brought cutlery from home, and not because they were being too classy.

"We both just thought it would be hilarious to bring formal gear to such an informal place, and it developed from there," Adam told the Huffington Post UK. "I think we would definitely do it again, however not in the same place. For it to remain funny we would need variety in venue."

For the record, Adam insists he is "not actually gay."

Cameron similarly sought to make sure his Twitter followers knew he wasn't gay, but also that he doesn't have a problem "with anybody being gay."

[photos via Twitter]