Gristle repurposing factory McDonald's saw its profit fall by 30% this quarter, with sales here in the USA continuing their weak streak. The problem? McDonald's thinks it's some kind of fancy restaurant now.

Already, the McDonald's "dollar menu" has become the McDonald's "some garbage for a dollar but lots of other stuff for MORE than a dollar" menu. We should have known that that sort of officious upscaling would turn off the average American, who seeks out McDonald's food only because an entire day's worth of it can be purchased with the amount of change found inside the average America's Chevrolet cup holder. Now, analysts are pinning McD's current business decline squarely on their high god damn prices.

Ad Age tracks down an American consumer:

Mike Hiner used to take his grandsons to McDonald's when they wanted a treat. With higher wage and food costs pushing up prices at the Golden Arches, he's increasingly taking them to IHOP, Denny's and Chili's instead.

"Those meals are the same price," said Mr. Hiner, a 58-year- old geologist in Houston. "And they're better."

What kind of god damn MORON is gonna go to a McDonald's and pay $7.50 for a burger and fries when he could go to Denny's and get a $6 Eggs in a Basket Platter??? It makes no god damn sense!

McDonald's: you need an attitude adjustment.

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