A Cinco de Mayo celebration in Baltimore turned violent last night after an Anne Arundel County, Maryland, police officer allegedly bit a man’s nut during a back-alley brawl.

WBAL-TV reports that Michael Flaig, 31, was arrested by Baltimore police after he was discovered in Looney’s Bar, with blood covering the front of his shirt. Moments before, Flaig and another man allegedly jumped a man who’d confronted Flaig about inappropriately touching his female roommate.

According to witnesses, at some point during the attack, Flaig bit one of the victim’s testicles and fled before police arrived.


A woman approached the responding officers to tell them she witnessed the fight, according to charging documents. Police said she gave description of the attacker who was wearing a blue and white polo shirt and cargo shorts. She told the police she waited at the front door of the Claddaugh Pub at 2918 O’Donnell Street for police arrive as she had seen the attacker walk in there, according charging documents.

According to the charging documents, police said Michael Flaig, 31, was found on the second floor of the bar with blood stains on his shirt. Flaig identified himself as an Anne Arundel County police officer and after he was identified as one of the attackers, was placed under arrest, according to charging documents.

Flaig was being charged with second degree assault; his alleged accomplice is still at large.

UPDATE 5:14 pm: More info on the nut-injuring fight from the Washington Post:

The victim was speaking with one friend, then noticed that Flaig was rubbing against the second friend, the victim’s female roommate.

The victim tried to get Flaig to stop. They argued.

Then the victim turned away — he saw a woman with whom he had been having an on-and-off relationship entering another bar on the same block. She was holding another man’s hand. Upset, the man decided to go home.

Authorities said the man was walking away when he heard someone coming from behind him.

The victim turned around and saw Flaig’s fist coming toward his face, police said. He ducked and then grabbed Flaig’s arm, pulling him to the ground. The victim straddled Flaig, crouching over him near his face.

Someone else, whom police have not identified, then started punching the victim, while he was sitting on Flaig. And while that was happening, Flaig bit the victim’s testicle.

The victim let Flaig get up, police said.

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