Badger Guns, known as “the number one crime gun dealer in America” for a history of selling guns that later turn up in crime scenes, has been ordered to pay $6 million to Milwaukee police officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch for the negligent sale of a handgun that was used in a shooting that seriously injured the two officers, reports the Associated Press and FOX 6 News in Milwaukee.

Norberg and Kunisch were shot by Julius Burton in 2009 when they attempted to stop him for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Norberg has since returned to the force, but Kunisch’s injuries were severe enough that he was forced to retire. Burton is now serving 80 years behind bars for the shooting, and the Badger Guns lawsuit came about after the particulars of the sale that eventually transferred the handgun to Burton were revealed to be sketchy as hell.

From a FOX 6 News report:

His 18-year-old friend Julius Burton was too young to buy a gun himself, and told Burton he’d pay him $40 to get him one.

During his testimony in court on Monday, Collins indicated Burton picked out the gun he wanted purchased.

Surveillance video from inside Badger Guns shows Burton pointing to the gun he wanted, helping Collins fill out the forms, and going to the parking lot with Collins to get more money. According to the lawyer for the officers, Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch, these were all red flags — and Badger Guns shouldn’t have made the sale.


Despite Collins crossing out and changing answers on his gun application, he walked out of Badger Guns with a gun.

Today a Milwaukee jury agreed that the sale should not have been made and found Badger Guns liable for the consequences of that sale, ordering the store to pay Officer Norberg $1.5 million and Kunisch $3.6 million, plus another $730,000 in punitive damages.

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