A Massachusetts mom threw herself under a car and used her body as a speed bump to save her two-year-old twin daughters earlier this month.

Twenty-two-year-old Mindy Tran thought she had parked her Honda at her apartment building when she got out to lock her front door. But to her horror, the car—parked at the top of a steep hill leading to a busy street—began to roll away.

Tran threw herself under the car, slowing it down enough for a neighbor to jump in and get the girls out. Firefighters had to free Tran, and she was airlifted to the hospital with a broken leg and dislocated shoulder and hip.

"My daughters are my everything and I don't want to see my daughters in the hospital, and I knew at that time it was either mine or theirs," Tran told WCVB.

Tran, who had just moved to the apartment from a homeless shelter, is facing more surgery, but should be out of the hospital in a few weeks. She's currently in a wheelchair but said she's confident she'll be able to walk again.

"It was all for my kids. I'm just glad my kids are fine," Tran said.

[image viaWCVB 5]