The leading age group of methamphetamine-related deaths in San Diego County? Baby Boomers, according to county records.

"A lot of grandmas and grandpas are using meth and have been using for many, many years," Diana Julian, the program manager for recovery center McAlister Institute told NBC Los Angeles:

Sixty-nine people age 50 to 59 died from meth intoxication. Thirteen deaths were among those 60 or older.

In 2013, meth intoxication was listed as the cause of death for 80 people age 45 to 54, 48 people age 55 to 64 and four people 65 or older.

Earlier this summer, 67-year-old Carl Salayer went missing, and was discovered a week later by police in a field of brush. The San Diego County Medical Examiner determined Salayer's cause of death to be "acute methamphetamine intoxication." The medical examiner also found Salayer suffered from Parkinson's Disease.

Julian told NBC Los Angeles that the elderly turn to meth as their health declines, and often don't have the support they would need to stop.

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