Northern Colorado has little time to recover from a series of flash floods that has devastated the Boulder area and left hundreds of people unaccounted for, as more rain is forecast for Saturday. Sunday, forecasters believe, will bring even stronger rains.

Yesterday brought a brief pause from the rain, allowing 162 residents of the town of Jamestown to be airlifted to safety after flooding destroyed the roads leading to the town. The flooding, much of which first struck during the dead of night earlier this week, has killed countless livestock and devastated a large rural community.

“We’ve been through floods there before, but this one had a little different taste to it,” William Martin, 88, told the New York Times.

Four people have died so far in the flooding. One of those was a woman who was swept out of her car, another was the man who tried to save her. In Denver, a man was swept into a drainage pipe, along with his dog. After traveling two blocks through the pipe, they were saved.

Thousands have been evacuated from their homes as President Obama has sent the largest FEMA deployment ever to the state of Colorado. Rescuers fear that recent wildfires that have aided erosion has only worsened flooding conditions, and further rain in the area will bring even more devastation.

"This is not going to get fixed in a week," Gov. John Hickenlooper said in a press conference. "We have lost a great deal of infrastructure."

[Associated Press]