Grandmothers. Grammas, Nanas, Meemaws, and Grammys. She's a lot older than you and you love her for it. The next time you've got a little down time to spend with yours, assuming you're lucky enough to have one or know one or know where a bunch of them like to hang, maybe flip on My Grandmother's Ravioli on the Cooking Channel. In the show, Mo Rocca travels around the U.S. visiting kitchens and learning to cook family recipes like chicken kiev and paprikash from old people with "big personalities."

More like the Charming Channel!, you probably just smirked to your schnauzer napping at your feet. And you'd be right with this astute joke. Kind, yet fiery apron-clad little ladies (and sometimes Grampas too) goofin' off and talking about life in the old country is the most charming. Sure, Mo is a little on the grating side, what with his constant limerick-writing and floppy hair-combing, but whatever, you're drunk Mo Rocca.

I like to watch Ravioli on hungover rainy Saturdays, but it's your life, I'm just blogging in it. Watch it any old time: alone, while you're babysitting, after Thanksgiving, with your religious boyfriend's parents, in a minimized window at work- literally, any time! Now go call your Grandma.

[New episodes of My Grandmother's Ravioli air Wednesday's at 8:30 P.M. EST. This is not an ad for My Grandmother's Ravioli, I just really like it and want you to watch it.]