A naked, blood-covered 17-year-old girl was arrested Saturday morning in Melbourne, Fla., after she allegedly jumped through the glass window of an unoccupied house, punched a stranger and a car, and then ran at police officers while repeatedly screaming “I’M SATAN!” and “I AM GOD.”

Officers tased the teen before arresting her and taking her to Holmes Regional Medical Center, where, four hours later, she told them she’d taken what she’d believed to be LSD. Based on her behavior, though, police said it’s more likely she inadvertently took flakka, the newly-popular synthetic stimulant.

“Whatever she was on, it was some mind-altering narcotic. The characteristics which exhibited are just like flakka,” Melbourne police Cmdr. Dan Lynch told Florida Today. “The chiefs are discussing it and it’s definitely a concern. Our narcotics units are doing an enforcement campaign and notified our school resource officers. But we only have 12 more days of school before the summer break begins.”

According to WKMG, the teen was charged with burglary, battery, and criminal mischief.

And if you were wondering why every flakka story involves someone being arrested while naked, here’s your answer: “One of the characteristics is that it raises your inner core temperature…so that causes them to take their clothes off,” Lynch said. Good to know.

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