Didn't think shit could get crazier than bath salts? Damn, look how wrong you were.

Matthew Kenney, a 34-year-old man with some time to burn, went for a jog in streets of Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, claiming that he was running away from people who were trying to kill him. After Kenney was apprehended by police, he allegedly admitted to them that he was high on a dangerous synthetic drug called flakka. WSVN obtained the police report from Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Tracy Figone:

According to the arrest report, Kenney said he wanted a car to hit him, telling officers, "Because if I got hit by a car they would stop chasing me."

"He thought it would be better to be struck by a vehicle than to have these individuals catch him," said Figone.

Police said they had to subdue him and chase him for a while before taking him in custody. "The patrol officers attempted to detain him for his safety, and at that point, he ran from them," said Figone.

Kenney was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation on Saturday night after police finally apprehended him. According to WSVN, this is Kenney's fourth arrest since December; the other arrests were on charges of "disorderly conduct, causing a riot and possession of a controlled substance."

Using flakka, according to a report published in Forbes, can come with very bad side effects!

The physiologic effects of Flakka trigger severe anxiety, paranoia, and delusions, leading to a psychotic state, characterized by a surge of violence associated increased strength and loss of awareness of reality and surroundings.

Most dealers who sell the drug have no idea "what is actually contained in the drug when it is sold on the street," so it may have everything from heroin to cocaine to cannabis in it. Meow Meow, you've met your match.

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