Setting a new standard for dowdy, cross-dressing bank robbers nationwide, a man dubbed the "Mrs. Doubtfire Bandit" is being sought by Santa Cruz police, the L.A. Times reports.

Unlike previous holders of the title (who have borne little resemblance to Robin Williams' obese Scottish nanny), the suspect accused of robbing a U.S. Bank on Friday served up serious Estranged Father Desperate to See His Children at Any Cost Realness during his alleged crime. From KGO-TV:

Police said the suspect was wearing a wavy blond wig, prescription glasses, navy blue scrubs and a light purple long-sleeved undershirt when he handed a note demanding money to the teller. No weapons were used and no injuries were reported, according to police.

“We believe these are great photos of the suspect,” said Santa Cruz police in an objectively true, unnecessarily qualified statement.

[Image via Santa Cruz Police]