After police knocked on the door of his Pennsylvania motel room, a murder suspect from North Carolina, thinking the jig was up, shot himself on Saturday afternoon. The police, however, were there to arrest someone else altogether.

According to the Associated Press, Lloyd Wayne Franklin, 34, and Jennifer Michelle Lanning, 38, had been on the run since late last month, wanted for the killing of Davie Lee McSwain, 82, and his wife Joan, 78

The couple were found dead in their Thomasville, North Carolina, home on October 29, after an apparent home-invasion robbery gone awry, reports. Police said that Davie McSwain had shot Franklin before he was killed, which an autopsy of Franklin confirmed.

From the AP:

After Franklin fled with a gun stolen from the home, police said, he picked up Lanning and the two stole prescription painkillers during pharmacy robberies in Aberdeen and Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, and Georgetown, South Carolina, before apparently heading north.

Bensalem officers were patrolling near the Knights Inn in Trevose on Saturday afternoon when they discovered that a man staying in one of the rooms had an active Pennsylvania arrest warrant on a parole violation. But when they approached the room, they had no idea that the North Carolina murder suspects also were inside, authorities said.

The officers entered the room but were fired upon and took cover outside. They were joined by other officers and a SWAT team that converged on the scene. Lanning later surrendered and told police two men were in the room. The other man held police at bay for more than two hours before he also surrendered. Franklin was found dead inside.

“The other man” was identified as James Miller. reports he was hitchhiking when the North Carolina couple picked him up.

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