Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, unless thy neighbor is a titty bar. At least, that's what the Lord has told the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo in Chicago, who are suing the strip club that moved in next door to them.

The nuns allege that Club Allure is a common law nuisance and broke state law by setting up shop so close to a place of worship. Of course, the sisters also just don't like the idea of a strip club in general. Sister Maria Noemia Silva tells NBC 5, "It goes against what we believe as religious women. We're fighting for a safe, healthy environment here, and for the club to close."

According to the suit, the sisters have witnessed "public violence, drunkenness, and litter, including empty whiskey and beer bottles, discarded contraceptive packages and products and even used condoms." Sister Maria says she and her sisters can hear loud music at night while they're trying to pray. Club Allure denies that its operations have caused a nuisance.

Club manager Robert Itzkow told NBC 5, "[Our dancers] aren't monsters. They're daughters; they're mothers, and some of them are Catholics too." The sisters are no doubt praying for them.

[Image via NBC 5]