Due to the summer’s “right combination” of heat and drought coupled with July and August rainfall, Oklahoma residents are facing a major cricket infestation. The bugs, according to Oklahoma City resident Steve Swanson, are “everywhere. Literally everywhere.” And due to the cricket’s “tendency toward cannibalism,” killing them only makes the situation worse. Especially when the crickets smell exactly like “rotting flesh” when dead.

Experts say the infestation should “only” last a few more weeks, though Oklahoma State University’s Brian Jervis believes “we are going to see a little more before it gets any better.” The current infestation, driven by the cricket mating season, will end once they all mate, lay eggs for next year, and then die. Basically, no matter what happens, it’s going to smell like rotting flesh in Oklahoma for some time.

This is all very good news for Aruna Antonella Handa, who recently hosted a “future foods salon” in Chelsea. The salon, a “food and arts event promoting more sustainable eating habits,” revolved around insect—and mostly cricket—consumption. The same creatures currently fucking, dying, then eating each other on McDonald’s signs in Oklahoma are also a tasty, “nutty,” and sustainable snack.

[Image via @furiousd/Instagram]