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Discussing the battery charges filed against Corey Lewandowski, Trump surrogate and former Apprentice Omarosa suggested to Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday that if the Republican frontrunner loses the Wisconsin primary next week, Trump would come to see his campaign manager as a “liability.”

On Tuesday, police released surveillance video showing Lewandowski grabbing former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields and pulling her away from Trump as she asked the candidate a question. Fields was left bruised by the encounter.

Trump has tripled-down in support of his campaign manager, saying things like, “How do you know those bruises weren’t there before?” and “Wouldn’t you think that she would have yelled out a scream or something?”

However, according to Omarosa—a branding expert and former staffer to Vice President Al Gore—if Trump loses in Wisconsin, “I can guarantee that you won’t have to worry about Corey any longer. Because he will become a liability.”

In fact, she predicted, “He may be hearing those famous words.” (That is: “You’re fired.”)

“Donald Trump will get rid of him,” Omarosa said. “If it does distract from the campaign, from the mission that Donald Trump has, then Donald Trump will have to deal with it.”