On Friday, the “partially consumed” body of a missing hiker believed to have been killed by a grizzly bear was found in Yellowstone National Park, NBC News reports.

While the exact cause of death has not yet been determined, park officials said that the victim had what appeared to be defensive wounds on his arms and a preliminary investigation showed he was attacked by a grizzly.

“Based on partial tracks found at the scene, it appears that an adult female grizzly and at least one cub-of-the-year were present and likely involved in the incident,” said the National Park Service in a statement.

According to park officials, such animal attacks are uncommon but not unheard of. From CNN:

This is the first human-bear encounter in the park in 2015. There have been five bison gorings, all of which have been nonfatal, a park spokeswoman said.

Deadly encounters between bears and humans are rare in national parks and national forests. Four fatalities were reported from 2010 to 2014.

Friday evening, biologists set bear traps in the area where the body was discovered. Officials say that any bears involved in the attack will be euthanized if caught.

[Image via AP Images]