A tiny cub, sad because he couldn't find his mother, went looking for chewing gum and prescription narcotics in an Oregon pharmacy on Sunday. But before the one-month-old bear could find any good pills, narcs from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife took him away—in a shopping basket no less, which is the most humiliating way to be removed from a Rite Aid. Now the little guy is headed to rehab :( (or a zoo).

The cub's adventure began earlier that day, when he wandered into a hotel. Not happy with what he found there, or perhaps the overall quality of the establishment, he climbed out a window, crossed the street, and strolled into the chain drugstore, where shoppers took pictures and called the cops.

Because he had contact with humans—and his mother was nowhere to be found—the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will keep the cub until he can move to his new home in a zoo or rehab center.

Good luck in rehab, bear.