Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter held an unscheduled press conference on Monday to say sorry for Nicki Minaj and Marlon Wayans audibly cursing at the July Fourth family-friendly concert along the Ben Franklin Parkway. The mayor reportedly rewatched footage to confirm that Minaj and other performers had been swearing.

The apology follows the appearance of a review of the concert on whose headline reads "4th of July Jam In Philly: Good Concert, Bad Language."

For the curious:

But that was nothing compared to Nicki Minaj, whose buxom getup no doubt inspired some wishes for a wardrobe malfunction. Minaj managed to fit "bitch," "shit," and "motherfucker" into her set many times over.

When concert closer Ed Sheeran took the stage, I had guessed that our delicate ears would be safe. But no. The ginger-haired British pop guy treated the masses to his new tune "Don't." The hook (they used to call that a chorus, FYI) repeats the line "Don't fuck with my love."

At the close of the article, a voting widget reveals that 83% of readers believed the concert should be more family-friendly.

At today's press conference, however, Nutter shared that 6ABC, the TV channel that was streaming the concert live, bleeped acts who had already modified their songs to have no swearing.


Though bleeped, the band the Roots and the singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran "self-adjusted" their lyrics and did not curse as they sang that night, Nutter said. He said the singers Aloe Blacc and Jennifer Hudson used no profanity.

Minaj, however, used "inappropriate language and curse words," during her performance of a song called "Yass Bish," Nutter said. (His office said Minaj's entourage had listed the song title as "Yes, Chick, Yes.")

Nutter said at the press conference that because of Minaj's language oversight, she is no longer welcome to perform at future Fourth of July concerts in Philadelphia, which, really, she'll be fine.

[Image via AP]