A police helicopter crashed into a crowded pub in Glasgow late Friday night, killing everyone on board as well as five people inside the establishment. Fourteen other people remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

The crash occurred when the one-story pub was filled with more than 100 people, listening to a ska band. The helicopter smashed through the roof of The Clutha pub, on the eve of St. Andrews Day, the official Scottish national holiday.

Rescue workers are still trying to get to trapped people, but it remains difficult as the helicopter is "dominating the whole space," according to Chief Constable Stephen House. The rescuers are working to clear the helicopter and until then "won't know what is going on" beneath it.

"This is a black day for Glasgow and Scotland but it's also St Andrew's Day, and it's a day we can take pride and courage in how we respond to adversity and tragedy," Scottish leader Alex Salmond told reporters.

There is the possibility that the number of fatalities will rise, as rescue workers try to work their way through the now-perilously unstable structure.

"People were covered in blood and dust. Other people were dragging them away from the bar and trying to get them out," resident Paul Dundas, 26, told the Associated Press. "Everyone was in shock, but people were helping and asking strangers if they were OK. I saw a couple help each other clean up their faces."

Authorities are unsure what the helicopter was doing in the area, or under what circumstances it crashed.