Photo: AP

Several delegates in Indiana say they were threatened and harassed by Donald Trump supporters after giving interviews about their preferences to Politico this week.

The story, published Saturday, quoted several delegates explaining why they were not voting for Donald Trump.

“If Satan had the lead on him and was one delegate away from being nominated as our candidate, and Donald Trump was the alternative, I might vote for Donald Trump,” one delegate, GOP congressional candidate Craig Dunn, explained. “I’ve always wanted to own a casino, but he couldn’t give me a casino and have me vote for him.”

Dunn tells the Indy Star he received “25 to 30 hate emails, phone calls and voice mails, posts on Facebook,” including one calling him a “sorry (expletive)” and wishing him “the worst for you and yours!”

Another delegate, Kyle Babcock, told Politico Trump was his third choice because he seems unelectable.

“Wrong side Kyle,” said one email. “Hope the families well. Your name and info was sent to me on a list that is going public. Think before you take a step down the wrong path, the American people want to have faith in your but it looks like a future in hiding is more appealing.”

The email was signed, “The American.”

Delegate Tom John, chairman of Indiana’s 7th Congressional District, also got a message referencing his family after he described Trump as someone who “doesn’t represent what I want my party to represent.”

“You know traditional burial is polluting the planet. Tom hope the family is well,” the email said. “Your name and info has been given to me on a list that is about to go public. Good luck becoming a delegate, we are watching you.”

Indiana State Police, in a statement, say they are reviewing the messages to determine if any “cross the line of free speech and could be considered criminal in nature.” In Indiana, it is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of $5,000, to threaten someone with the intent that they do something against their will or be afraid of retaliation if they don’t.

Trump’s Indiana chairman, Rex Early, tells the Star, “My reaction is, we’ve got some stupid people in this world.” And doesn’t he know it.