Daniel Kim hasn't been creating year-end pop music mashups for as long as Earworm—the reigning king since 2007 with his United State of Pop series—but this may be the year his Pop Danthologies claim the year-in-review remix crown.

When Earworm's set dropped earlier this month, it was as technically impressive as ever, but it was betrayed by a weak, downtempo Billboard Top 25 that only left everyone feeling cold about the state of pop music in 2014. Kim, drawing on 66 total tracks, ended up with a 6-minute banger with a mercifully small about of "All About That Bass" and a minimal reliance on Iggy "Igloo Australia" Azalea.

Turns out that although there were many terrible pop songs this year, there were at least some worth revisiting. And they weren't all by Taylor Swift.

For the curious, here's a play-by-play breakdown of vocals and beats used in this year's mashup:

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